16/10/15 BMW M series Trial Event
Since I've become a BMW owner I've applied many BMW events. But no chance they gave me for a long time. This was the first time to get the chance like this, M-trial.
I'm not sure if some salespersons thought that "Maybe this man buy another M if he try."
Actually, I could see only a few M in the parking lot.

One place of the event was GLION (g-lion), which was a museum-like place in Osaka. I added "-like" because price tags are put on some of the exhibited cars next to "Buy or not", or, "affordable or not".
BMWに乗り始めて以来、こんなイベントの招待状(抽選)はいくらでも来たのだが、実際に当たったことは、さっぱり無かった。どうやら所有の車がM5だから、「きっとお金持ち!」 「また次のM5を買ってくださるかしら?」って、いわば“M枠”で当たったのかは定かではない。


買う・買わない、あるいは、買える・買えないは別にして、展示車にはPrice tagの付いたものもある。

Although I didn't check how many people attended to the event, it was 20+ considering the numbers of the cars prepared.
However, there were many attendees with ones' wives or family members, I saw many people than expected.

Attendees were devided in two.
Team A stayed in door for explanation of M. Team B went out for driving.
I got an M5 with a veeery quick move. (^o^)
Gotten into the driving seat, the modern interier attracted me. Furthermore, TWO M-buttons surprised me a lot! What for?
Idoling stop button and the lane misfit alarm.
Recent drivers need those??

On the way to the special course, we enjoyed the drive on the highway.
I knew the rope, I enjoyed the shift speed controller and MT, AT modes.
The accelerator response was nice to me. I LOVE the POWER!

The most surprising thing for me thru the driving of M4, 5 and 6, the air-con of M6 cabriolet was working!! M4からM6まで乗って一番驚いたのは、結構なスピードで走ったのにもかかわらず、M6カブリオレのエアコンが効いていたこと。
The new M5 gave me the enjoyment of power, more power, and the high-rev of the new M4 gave me the enjoyment of controlling the lightness of the car.
Uh, yes. I dare say, I love driving sportcars.
By the way, a pro-driver was sitting on the navigation seat.
One of them said, "Actually we had this event yesterday, too. All thru the event, I knew you are the most boldest gas kicker."
Ah, yeah. I know more powerful car, my Superseven doped with a turbo-charged 13B rotary engine of which power weight ratio is 1.7kg/ps. I just murmured in my mind.
After my driving, the turn was for pro. he controlled M4 well. Then I said "Yeah, swift!!"
The professional driver repied, "No, you can drive like this as well."
I knew that. I meant the car...
m(_ _)m

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