Tips 036 --- OMG Stereotype

はーい、みなさん。久方ぶりのOh, my God! storyの登場です。


はーい。みなさんお久しぶりです。Aです。(^_^)/ 今日は、先日三宮で体験したこと、お話しますね。

そこに突然、「すいません、外に出たいんです」という声が聞こえ、反射的に声がした右側に振り向いた私の目に飛び込んできたのは、背に届く長い金髪が素敵な、細身の白人の女の子。私より一瞬早く左の耳から “Where to?” とスーツの男性の声。私は反射的にニッコリと微笑みながら “Where to?”。

“Alright, which way do you want to go? If you want to go out for searching for bars or…”と問いかける私をさえぎって。「すいません、日本語でお願いします」 と、女の子。
それではリクエストにお答えして、日本語で。 っと、本当は以下の会話は日本語だったのですが、ここでは番組(?)の性質上、英語で書きますね。^^

“OK, follow me. Let’s check the map for better exit for you.”
I took her to a post with a map on it. Then, I explained what she could find in each direction indicating the map.
But, still she said. “I want to go out.”
“What a bother. She only repeats this phrase like a parrot.”
I talked to myself without voice. I felt like skipping her. Then, I said “Uh ha. You can go out of here from the stairs or the escalator over there” pointing the stairs we could see about ten meters ahead.
The girl replied “Arigatou gozaimashita. Bonsoir” bowing very politely.

Oh, my God! She was a French!! w( ̄o ̄)w Oh!

Please remind yourselves “Talking with a stereotype sometimes misleads us.”


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