Tips 041 --- OMG Beside My Lunch




窓辺に陣取った私は、お日様の光を浴びながらゆったりと、ちょっぴり行儀悪く、片手に携帯電話を持ってメールを打ちながら食事していました。(^_^ ;


Oh, my God! \(◎o◎)/!
A lady sitting next to me was brushing her teeth!! (@o@;)
It’s good to do that but not here, NOT BESIDE MY LUNCH!

Sometimes I see some young ladies make up in a crammed train. But, her manner was much worse than those ladies! I quickly covered my lunch with a cover of the lunch box so that things from her mouth didn’t fall into my lunch. In spite of my action, she kept brushing. What I did the next was to imagine where she rinsed her mouth.

I was not sure if she noticed my thought, but she slowly grabbed a cup with tea and walked away. I guessed she was out for a lavatory to rinse.
After she came back, she packed her lunch box and went away talking over a mobile loudly.

Manners of Japanese these days are getting worse and worse.


  so that A not B: AがBしないように
  in spite of ~: 〜にもかかわらず
  lavatory: (米)洗面所、(英)トイレ
  get 比較級and 比較級: 段々〜になる


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