Tips 043 --- Turned over? No, turned on its side.




Oh, my God! \(◎o◎)/!
I reflexively steered to left and to right. Almost unconsciously. Finally my car turned over on its side and stopped. All glass surrounding me was safe, but this meant the only way to go out of the car for me was to push a door toward the sky. I struggled to open it standing on a side-break lever. However, the door was so heavy, like huge stone. When I was managing to go out, the door suddenly opened. And there I saw was a young and cool police man. “How lucky I am!” I said to myself. ^^ At the same time, I wondered why he was here? Some kind person called a help? No, the place the car turned over was just in front of a police box. He jumped out of it hearing the noise.

“Oh, thank you God.” Thanking to God, one terrible thing came up to my mind. When I went out of my house, my brother said “Give my car back until tonight. I will drive it for my coming-of-age ceremony tomorrow.”

I cursed God. No chance to repair.

The other day, a friend of mine asked me as soon as she saw me “I heard your car turned over. Are you OK?” I claimed “No, not turned over, just turned on its side!” (^^;)


   steer: 回す ハンドルを切る
   turn over on one’s side: 横倒しになる
   turn over: ひっくり返る(目玉焼きの時にありましたよね)
   struggle: 〜しようとするがんばる(あがく)
   manage to do: なんとか〜しようとする(「うまくこなす」というイメージ)
   coming-of-age ceremony: 成人式
   curse: 呪う


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